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On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), it is our greatest pleasure to bring the International Biometric Conference to Riga, Latvia - the pearl of the Baltics. The Historic Centre of Riga is listed in the UNESCO's World Heritage List. Every century has left its path in the face of Riga, and it can be seen in the architecture, the Art-Nouveau towers and facades, the medieval buildings and old wooden architecture. The International Biometric Society is eager to make a lasting impression on this city, which gets ready to welcome delegates from six continents from 10-15 JULY 2022.

The Society is an international membership organization promoting the development and application of statistical and mathematical theory and methods in the biosciences, including agriculture, biomedical science and public health, ecology, environmental sciences, forestry, and allied disciplines. The Society welcomes as members statisticians, mathematicians, biological scientists, and others devoted to interdisciplinary efforts in advancing the collection and interpretation of information in the biosciences. The Society publishes two journals, Biometrics, reporting communications consistent with the Society’s mission, and, jointly with the American Statistical Association, the Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistic (JABES).

> Congress Topics

The 31st International Biometric Conference will feature a wide array of exciting topics, including:

    • Digital technologies and biometry
    • Challenges in genomics
    • Statistical modelling in ecology
    • Adaptive designs
    • Predictive modelling
    • New technologies in agriculture research
    • Modelling grouped environment data
    • Spatial and spatio-temporal data analysis
    • Clinical trials
    • Analysis of observational cohort data
    • Inference in natural resources surveys
    • Advancements in survival analysis 
    • Bioinformatics
    • Epidemiology
    • Big data methodologies

    > Past event statistics

    Over 900 delegates participated in IBC 2018 (our most recent in-person event), including 237 students. This provided companies with the opportunity to have personal meetings with potential customers and prospects. Companies were also able to sell and showcase their products, share their brands with new buyers and develop relations with industry experts. Our virtual IBC 2020 (transformed due to the pandemic) reached nearly the same number of delegates and offered increased access to statisticians and biometricians from around the world. After four years, we are ready to enjoy the in-person experience with you once again at the IBC.

    > Celebrating diversity

    In addition to seeking greater diversity, not only in our speaker lineup but our audience as well, our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs have been integrated into the 2022 International Biometric Conference. The Society wishes to offer our delegates the chance to engage with and celebrate professionals from various regions and backgrounds.

    • In partnership with the Council For Women in Statistics, the Florence Nightingale Award is an opportunity for the Society to recognize candidates who have demonstrated exceptional scholarship while also displaying a record of service and care for the cause of women, and other honorable causes, that raise the standing of disadvantaged groups in the profession. Companies and institutions have an opportunity to show support for this program as part of Closing Ceremony. 
    • The new IBS Mentorship Program connects experienced professionals with those in earlier career stages. We believe that both mentor and mentee have opportunities to learn from each other. And thanks to the 2022 IBC, we can extend the reach of this new program to an in-person audience. A mentorship lounge will be open at various times throughout the conference. Companies and institutions have an opportunity to show support for this initiative as part of Mentorship Program
    • In keeping with our desire to connect delegates from all career stages, the Young Statisticians’ Social Event will once again bring the youth of our profession together for a few hours of networking and camaraderie! Companies and institutions have an opportunity to show support for this initiative as part of a Young Statisticians Program support opportunity.
    • The Society is interested in seeing faces from all around the world at the IBC. Our long-standing Travel Awards Program offers companies and institutions the opportunity to sponsor one or more delegates from lower-and-middle-income countries to attend the entire IBC. Companies and institutions have an opportunity to show support for this program as part of Travel Awards support, enabling us to serve even more delegates.

    > Celebrating the planet

    We value the global nature of our audience, and the unique places they call home. And through the IBC, we and our supporters have an opportunity to serve our audience while also serving the planet. We see the importance of recycling programs, clean air and water, and the need to preserve our natural resources. The Society is taking steps to limit paper programs, increase the use of recyclable materials throughout the conference, and expand its recorded session and mobile application offerings in 2022. Some offerings present the opportunity for companies and institutions to enjoy increased visibility and recognition. You can show support for this initiative as part of a Green Support, Water Station, Recorded Programming or Mobile Application support option.


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