Showcase & Special Sessions

Statistics in Practice Session

The Statistics in Practice special session is chosen by the IBS Education Committee following a review of all Short Course submissions. 

Instructor 1:
Marc Vandemeulebroecke, Global Group Head, Novartis Analytics Department
Instructor 2: Mark Baillie, Director Data Scientist - Advanced Methodology and Data Science Group at Novartis

Effective Visual Communication for Quantitative Scientists

Effective visual communication (EVC) is a core competency for all scientists who work with data, such as statisticians, pharmacometricians, epidemiologists, data scientists, etc. By using the right graphical principles, we can better understand data, highlight core insights, and influence decisions toward appropriate actions. Without them, we can mislead others and ourselves and pave the way to wrong conclusions and actions.

The aim of this course is to provide a deep dive into EVC for quantitative scientists through a series of case studies and hands-on exercises, focusing on the key principles of Purpose, Clarity and Message. Illustrative examples will be drawn from medical research, but the course is designed to be general for all quantitative experts communicating data, analyses, and conclusions. The course will help put the three EVC principles into practice through active learning, with the tutors acting as facilitators. Hands-on exercises will allow participants to work on problems relevant to their own projects. The course will be hands-on and fun, with lots of drawing and interaction.

The course requires no prior knowledge. We will recommend the participants (but not mandatory) to
• Watch the 4 minute EVC video
• Become familiar with the Graphics Principles Cheat sheet
• Read the EVC Tutorial

All available here:

Also recommended is to select (and ideally print) a graph from one of their current or previous projects that they will want to work on improving during the hands-on sessions.

Learning Objectives
• Appreciate why effective visual communication (EVC) is a key competency for the quantitative scientist.
• Explain the three principles of EVC (purpose, clarity and message).
• Design a visualization based on a specific purpose.
• Redesign a visualization to show data clearly.
• Enhance the message of a visualization.
• Recognize where to apply the three principles of effective visual communication in your daily work.

Equipment Required
Participants should bring colored pencils & paper.

About the Instructors

Mark Baille is a Director Data Scientist in the Advanced Methodology and Data Science group at Novartis. He is a methodologist supporting the clinical development and analytics department at Novartis. He has a focus on data visualization working on a number of internal and external initiatives to improve the reporting of clinical trials and observational studies.

Marc Vandemeulebroecke is a Global Group Head in Novartis’ Analytics department. He holds a PhD in mathematical statistics from the University of Magdeburg and an MSc in PKPD modeling & simulation from the University of Manchester. He received the Gustav-Adolf-Lienert award from the German Region of the International Biometric Society (IBS). Marc’s interests range from adaptive clinical trials to effective statistical graphics, statistical and machine learning, and developing effective teams of statisticians.

Mark and Marc are part of a team engaged in improving the practice of quantitative graphics through sharing and teaching. We have presented with RStudio and taught a short course with ASCPT (similar to the one we propose for IBC), and we are co-leading various related efforts internally at Novartis.


Young Statisticians Showcase

Sharon Okwomi, PhD.
Mathematical SciencesBayesian Methodology and Malaria Modeling.


Colleen Chan - Nonparametric estimation of the Potential Impact Fraction and the Population Attributable Fraction with individual-level and aggregated data


Gabriel Calvo - Bayes factors from posterior outputs for model comparison in Bayesian longitudinal models


Oliver Hines - Variable importance measures for heterogeneous causal effects


Noelle van Biljon, PhD. Statistical Sciences - Identification of Latent Classes of Anthropometric Growth and their Predictors within a South African Cohort

THE NORDIC BALTIC Region Special Invited Session

--In acknowledgement of the great privilege that the Nordic-Baltic region of the International Biometrics Society is the host of the International Biometrics Conference this year, the special Host Region Invited Session will feature talks from invited researchers in the region. The overall aim of the session is to evince Fisher’s original definition of biometrics from 1948 as “the active pursuit of biological knowledge by quantitative methods” through a session of talks concerned with diverse but timely biometrical challenges.

Biometrics Showcase

12 July 2022, 11:00 – 13:00

Organizer: Geert Molenberghs

Chair: Geert Molenberghs


11:00: Geert Molenberghs: Biometrics, flagship journal of the International Biometric Society

11:15: Chuan Hong: Testing small study effects in multivariate meta‐analysis 

11:45: Emmanuel Lesaffre: Latent Ornstein‐Uhlenbeck models for Bayesian analysis of multivariate longitudinal categorical responses.

12:15: James R. Faulkner: Horseshoe-based Bayesian nonparametric estimation of effective population size trajectories

12:45: floor discussion

IBS / ISI Young Ambassador Showcase

--The ISI Young Ambassadors for IBC2022 is a joint initiative of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and the International Biometric Society (IBS). This initiative aims to promote collaboration between the young statisticians of ISI and IBS. 

Two best papers were selected for presentations at the 31st International Biometric Conference (IBC2022). We are grateful for the excellent work of the Selection Committee, which assessed all applications with expertise and thoroughness.

The International Statistical Institute and the members of the selection committee warmly congratulate the ISI Young Ambassadors for IBS – IBC2022.

Meet the ISI Young Ambassadors for IBS – IBC2022

Marcelo Bourguignon Pereira, Department of Statistics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil

Title of Paper: ‘A parametric quantile beta regression for modeling case fatality rates of COVID-19’

Suryo Adi Rakhmawan, Statistics of Population and Employment Directorate, BPS-Statistics Indonesia; Department of Statistics and Mathematics, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Mineral, Saudi Arabia

Title of Paper: ‘How big is the gig in the pandemic: measuring gig workers in Indonesia’


--This special 75th Anniversary session, chaired by Professor Geert Molenberghs (IBS President 2004-2005), will start out with a presentation from Professor Lynne Billard, drawing on her recently published monograph, The History of the International Biometric Society.  Several of our Society’s current leaders will offer some brief remarks, offering their perspectives on how the Society has changed and talking about some of the challenges that the Society faces today.  The last part of the session will be devoted to a panel discussion involving some of the younger members of IBS, tomorrow’s leaders, talking about how they would like to see the Society evolve and change in the future.