Recorded IBC 2022 Videos Available Now

We are pleased to offer a series of videos from IBC 2022, available for purchase by members and non-members! The full package, containing 87 hours of content, contains a variety of special sessions, invited sessions, and short courses that we think will provide users with some of the best the 2022 International Biometric Conference had to offer. 

IBC 2022 attendees are able to view the package free of charge. Content is available for purchase to members. Non-members may purchase the series for a higher fee. Students are offered the package at the lowest available rate. And those residing in LMIC areas will also receive a discount.

The series is available for on-demand viewing through 31/12/2023.


Note that once you click on the link above, you will be prompted to login or create an account in order to view pricing based on your registration/membership status and/or level of access. Those who did not originally register for the IBC are still able to purchase access. Please reach out to the International Business Office with questions.

Video Series Package contents:

- Opening Session & President's Address
- (CS.01) Agriculture I
- (IS.01) Recent Developments in Probabilistic Machine Learning Methods for Causal Inference
- (IS.02) New Advances in Software Bring Joint Models to the Statisticians’ Toolbox
- Young Statisticians Luncheon Meeting
- (CS.05) Bayesian Methods for Clinical Trials
- (IS.04) Obtaining Valid Insights & Inference with Electronic Health Records Data
- (IS.05) New Horizons in Disease Mapping: Scalable Models and Multivariate Proposals
- (CS.08) Multiple Testing and Adjustments for Multiplicity in Clinical Trials
- (IS.03) Estimands in Clinical Trials – Causal Inference to the Rescue
- (IS.06) Recent Advancement in Endpoints for Observational Studies and Clinical Trials
- (CS.14) Multistate Models
- (IS.07) Recent Advances in Joint Species Distribution Modeling in Ecology
- (IS.08) Integrative and Comprehensive Methods in (Gen)omic Data Analysis
- (BS.01) Biometrics Showcase
- (CS.18) Spatial and Spatio-temporal Modelling in Epidemiology
- (IS.09) Surrogate Markers: Evaluation and Use in Clinical Studies
- (CS.22) Survival Analysis for Medical Research I
- (IS.12) Recent Advances in Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Analysis
- 75th Anniversary Session
- General Membership Meeting
- (CS.26) Longitudinal Data Analysis/ Mixed Effects Model in Epidemiology
- (IS.11) Statistical Methods and Considerations for Cancer Screening Programs and Biomarker Research in Early Detection
- (YSS.01) Young Statistician Student Showcase
- IBS Honors and Awards Ceremony
- (CS.33) Agriculture II
- (HRSIS.01) The Nordic Baltic Region Special Invited Session
- (IS.19) Biostatistical Methods in Toxicology
- (CS.36) Regression Modelling for Health Research
- (IS.13) Prediction with Observational Data: STRATOS Perspective
- (IS.14) Latent Variable and Mediation Approaches in Environmental Health and Exposomics Research
- Women in Statistics Luncheon Meeting
- (CS.39) Longitudinal Data Analysis/ Mixed Effects Models
- (IS.15) Innovative Complex Designs for Confirmatory Clinical Trials with Multiple Primary Research Questions
- (IS.16) New Advances in Bayesian Modeling
- (CS.42) Survival Analysis for Medical Research II
- (IS.17) Statistical Methods for Modern Temporal Devices
- (IS.18) Recent Advances in Methods for Ordinal Data and its Applications in Health-related Data Sets
- (CS.49) Survival Analysis for Medical Research III
- (CS.57) Categorical Data Analysis & Discrete Models
- (CS.53) Causal Inference for Health Research
- (IS.20) Recent Advances in Dynamic Risk Prediction Using Longitudinal Data
- (IS.21) Flexible Extensions of the Accelerated Failure Time (AFT) Model
- Closing Ceremony & IBC Awards